Sweet Bonanza Slot Online Casino Game

The Sweet Bonanza Slot online casino game is another Pragmatic Play creation. This online casino slot game was released in June 2019 and is full of fun, bright colors, and an exciting, Candyland-like theme.

If you are looking for a great way to pass the time at home or on the go, this high-energy, high-volatility game will keep you on your toes and fully engaged.

Sweet Bonanza Slot

What is The Sweet Bonanza Slot Online Casino Game?

This online slot game is a casino-goer favorite. This is a five-by-six slot game with 20 pay-line options. This gives you plenty of opportunities to match the sweet treats and win money, prizes, and free spins.

This game takes place in a scenery taken a right from a fantasy world. It is decorated with pastel colors, candy pieces, and ice cream everywhere.

Anyone who plays this game will feel nostalgic energy, taking them back to their childhood, where every flip of a card was the difference between getting stuck in chewy gumdrops or making it to the candy castle.

Game Developer: Pragmatic PlayMaximum Bet: .20
Game Type: SlotsMinimum Bet: 100
Game Theme: Candy/ Fruits/ SweetRTP: 96.48
Release Date: June 2019Volatility: High
Reels: 6Jackpot: No
Rows: 5Free Spins: Yes
Sweet Bonanza table

How to Play the Online Casino Slot Game Sweet Bonanza

Each time you spin the reels, you match chocolate bars, lollipops, and other delicious candy in hopes of landing eight or more of the same symbol with the chance of winning up to 21,100x your original bet.

With 20 chances to land matching symbols, there is an excellent opportunity to win great prizes, especially if you land on a multiplier.

Getting Sweet Bonanza Slot Online Casino Game

Getting this game and starting your journey through the delicious candy world is fairly simple; some critics might even say too simple. And, while it is a basic game of slots with a straightforward design, it can get pretty suspenseful.

  • Search the web for your favorite online casino
  • Find “Sweet Bonanza” in the game selection
  • Click the demo option (if you prefer to play for free but without the ability to win cash)
  • Click “play game” to create your account and win cash prizes.
  • Enter your banking information after creating an account
  • Choose your coin value and stakes. Or choose “total bet” for an automatic increase in value and bet as you go.
  • Enjoy the game.

Sweet Bonanza Slots Casino Game Setting, Set Up, and Gameplay

We must hand it to Pragmatic Play; they really nailed it with this online slot. The candy “land” design, bright colors, and fantastic animation is really eye-grabbing and makes the game enjoyable to play.

The scenery literally pops out at you as you make your way through the game, spinning the wheel over and over, hoping to match delicious, bubbly treats. If you have ever played the popular game “Candy Crush,” you know what we are talking about.

The music is entertaining and can really get you amped up as you watch your reels diligently, waiting for that wild or scatter to pop up and provide an enormous reward.

The game has a straightforward platform and setup, with controls that anyone can understand.

Sweet Bonanza Slot Online

Automatic Spin (and Bonus Features)

The automatic spin feature is a popular option slot games are adding these days. This allows the players to keep playing without clicking the spin button time after time.

This “auto-play” option lets you set auto-spins between 10 and 100 times. With three distinct features that can help increase your chances of hitting it big.

  1. Bonus Buy Feature – If you don’t have the patients to wait for free spins or a bonus game to happen spontaneously, you can buy these features for 100x your wager.
  2. Ante-Bet Feature – 20 coins are the fixed bet amount when the automatic spin option is activated. But you can use the ante-bet feature to set this to 40, 60, 80, or 100 with this feature. This will increase your potential winnings and the chances of triggering free spins.
  3. Tumble feature – The tumbling feature unlocks once you align specific symbols triggering the chain and acts as a re-spin. This is an excellent feature because the reels will continue to spin as long as symbols continue to match up. Once the matches stop, the feature will end.

Symbols and Payouts in Sweet Bonanza Online Casino Slot Game

It’s pretty evident that this game has different symbols with different value amounts attached to each one; this game is your basic everyday slot at the end of the day.

With the fantastic candy universe design, it only makes sense that the symbols, too, will be sweet treat themed.

Symbols8-9 matches10-11 matches12+ matches
Candy Red Heart20x25x50x
Blue Candy1.5x2x12x
Green Candy2x5x15x
Purple Candy2.5xx10x25x

As you can see by the chart above, the red heart is the symbol that pays out the most, increasing your earnings by 20-100 times your original bet.

The Lollypop symbol is the scatter symbol and joker for the Sweet Bonanza online casino slot game. This symbol will replace other symbols to give you matching reels. These matches will activate free spins and can award you 100 times your bet if you land six or more in one single spin.

The sugar bomb is a unique feature of Pragmatic Play inserted into this game and allows the player to score between 2x and 100x times your bet. This explosive candy ball only activates during the free spin bonus feature.

Online Casino Game Sweet Bonanza Slot Volatility and RTP

When we review online casino slot games, we like to look at the volatility rating and RTP. This lets us know how much time we will spend spinning away before we get any substantial amount of money and whether it is worth our time.

Luckily, the online casino game Sweet Bonanza slot had a good RTP percentage at 96.4%. This means you will see at least 96.4% of your winnings, which is pretty decent.

On the other hand, the volatility rating in this game is pretty high. All this means is that you will have to spend a significant amount of time spinning before seeing that large payout you are working towards.

Sweet Bonanza Online Casino Slot Pros and Cons

Before we end this review, we decided to give an overview of the pros and cons we felt were significant in the game.

You could win up to 21000 times your bet.   Ability to buy free spin and a variety of other bonuses   You can win with symbols anywhere on the reels.   It has a fun and unique design.   Easy to play for all skill levelsNo Jackpot   Some players feel the game is too easy   The game style is non-progressive

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of games with great animation, quality sound and graphics, and straightforward gameplay, then the Sweet Bonanza online casino slot game is right up your alley.

This game offers unique features, many great ways to win, and free spins that can help activate multipliers and increase your potential payout by hundreds.